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17 June 2010 @ 05:49 pm
Season 7 Spoiler  
Huddy, House, and "Help Me": An Interview With the Season Finale's Writers (May, 19)

But no cliffhanger...

Garrett Lerner:
The only cliffhanger is in what’s this relationship going to look like? We are going to pursue this relationship. So, can it work? Has House changed enough? Will Cuddy be able to tolerate him? After all, House will still be House. Hopefully all those questions are cliffhanger enough that people want to see those questions answered.

The series usually plays out in “real time.” Autumn in the real world is autumn in the House-verse. Of course that wasn’t the case at the beginning of season six, where we do follow House from where we left off at the end of season five. So, where does season seven start? Will it pick up from the next moment, or leap ahead in time two or three months?

Garret Lerner: We’re interested in what happens next. So we are pursuing the story from the angle that we don’t want to skip the “good parts.” That being said, it’s still being written (Doris Egan is writing the season premiere), so we don’t have the exact answer, but we’re not going to cheat the audience of experiencing what happens next.

What are the challenges of writing House going into the seventh season?

Russel Friend: The challenges are on the medical front. House is a medical procedural at its heart, and keeping it fresh and new after a all these episodes is very hard. We attack each episode fresh and new and try to come up with the best stuff we can. The characters continue to grow and change so that stuff is easier and fresher to deal with. We’ve already come up with a bunch of what we think are good character stories based on what we see at the end of this one.

Care to share…?

All three writers (simultaneously): We're not allowed to.

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