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17 June 2010 @ 05:53 pm
Season 7 Spoiler  
Question: Thank you for the post-finale House Q&A with Katie Jacobs. Do you know if they are bringing in a new female character to fill the temporary Olivia Wilde void? —Deb
Ausiello: I know of no such plans. Jacobs, however, confirms that Cynthia Watros will be back as Wilson’s former (and current) love, Sam. “She absolutely factors into the beginning of the season,” she says. “Where that relationship ultimately goes I don’t know.” Jacobs notes that this marks the first time that both House and Wilson will be involved in serious relationships simultaneously. “Wilson will be with Sam and House will be with Cuddy,” she points out. “What does it look like for Princeton Plainsboro thematically? Does it work? We’re going to look at that next season.”