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jukebox_grad: hmd: house/cuddy: what are you wearingjukebox_grad on March 3rd, 2011 12:06 am (UTC)
Well, contrary to popular opinion, there are quite a few H/Cuddy shippers who adore the ship and its dysfunction, and never expected/wanted it to be happily ever after. I also adore H/W, but I certainly don't think that's a healthy, balanced relationship either. (There's also the issue of how you ship a couple in your head and how you expect it to go down on the show. I don't think H/W would be any less of a trainwreck, tbh.)

If anything, I think TPTB have actually toed the line when it comes to H/C, telling us certain things, while being afraid to actually go there (I'm also of the opinion that the original team should've left at the end of s3, or at least give them a solid and meaningful send-off in s4, rather than watering them down). They've managed to drive H/C haters to feeling the show is all about them and H/C lovers to thinking there's not nearly enough.

There's a lot of room for conflict in the relationship, but I feel as though some of it has been plucked out of thin air, rather than being true to the dynamic. I think they're getting there, though. Loved the implications of the last ep's ending. I'm also looking forward to getting some insight into where Cuddy's head is at in this relationship, since, IMO, much of the conflict has left her out of the loop.