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house_spoiler's Journal

House Spoiler
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House MD Spoiler
The Rules

- PLAY NICE! Be nice to each other that isn't the place for Shipper-wars.
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.
- Please post Pics and Videos directly in this community. Don't just link to another site.
- If you're going to post more than three Pics, please post them behind a Livejournal cut.
- If you're going to post Video-Embed, please post them behind a Livejournal cut and post the URL ,too.
- Don't post stuff that already has been posted by other users.
- Please tag your entries. (Episode number and name)
example:5x07 "The Itch"
- Post the URL of the source.
- You don't have to put Spoilers behind an LJ-Cut. (This is a Spoiler community)

Thx, and Have Fun!


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